Released: November 9, 1990 [Limited]


Orion / PG-13 / 181 minutes / Directed by: Kevin Costner

It seems November 9 is a good day to open a movie if you want to win an Academy Award for Best Picture.  I had AN AMERICAN IN PARIS, this and NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN to choose from.

DANCES WITH WOLVES was Kevin Costner’s directorial debut.  He also starred in it as an Civil War vet who becomes a hero inadvertently (he was trying to commit suicide) that is sent to an abandoned outpost on the western frontier.  There he befriends a Native tribe and integrates with them while the expansion westward threatens their peaceful way of life.  

The movie went on to win 7 Academy Awards including Best Picture, Best Director (Costner), Best Adapted Screenplay (Michael Blake from his book), Best Cinematography (Dean Semler), Best Original Score (John Barry), Best Film Editing (Neil Travis) and Best Sound.

It’s one of those Best Picture years that has caused debate among movie aficionados because the film beat out Scorsese’s GOODFELLAS which is considered one of his greatest works.

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